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We live in an era of information, technological mass production and global markets. Such changes have a direct impact on our work environment, on the demand to keep our industries competitive, and on our capacity to produce goods and services. Our new way of living at high speed also leads to increasing uncertainty in the workplace, and particularly to downsizing, which results in heavier and more intense workloads.

The constant need to renew our know-how affects our life skills, our behaviour, and our way of communicating and making contact with one another. We have to adapt quickly, perhaps too quickly.

There are some organizational circumstances in which workers or managers may be overwhelmed by the sequence of events and may need help. This uneasiness may take on the form of violent behaviour towards others, either at home or at work.

Many nationwide studies and others conducted abroad show a consistent increase of violence in the workplace. Certain sectors seem to be more affected than others, but nevertheless, the studies show that each and every sector in the workforce is affected.

Workplace violence, whatever form it may take, concerns us all. It is unacceptable. Each and every person involved in a violent situation ends up losing.

That is why the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines et en relations industrielles agréés du Québec and its partners have created this website and its companion Information and Prevention Kit, providing you with useful information to help you understand, take action and prevent violence in your organization.

Although some parameters are inter-related, for easier navigation we have divided workplace violence into two broad categories:

This website and companion kit do not pretend to offer all the answers to the complex and ever-changing issue of workplace violence. But we think they are a first step in defining, understanding and countering violence in our organizations.

Together, we can help make our workplace a violence-free environment in which workers can earn a living with respect and dignity.

Partners and production

Production of this website and its related Information and Prevention Kit is the result of a joint partnership between the following organizations:

The partners share the following common objectives:

This website and its Information and Prevention Kit cannot, nor do they pretend to, solve every workplace violence issue, but they reflect the partners' will and determination to address the problem.

It is with great pride that we offer you this website and Information and Prevention Kit, in order to promote a greater understanding of workplace violence and present solutions to be explored.

The partners’ efforts in producing these information and prevention tools have been supported by Nova Horizon Medias Productions’ team of designers and creators as well as by the expertise of UQUAM (Université du Québec à Montréal) Sociology of Work Professor Angelo Soares, CHRP.

The opinions expressed on this site do no necessarily represent the policies or opinions of the partners.

This project is sponsored in part by the Government of Canada National Crime Prevention Strategy.

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